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Quote1.png Once, in the half-forgotten past, you and I had met, as foes! But now, the lips of Tana Nile proclaim that mighty Thor is the noblest one of all! Quote2.png
Tana Nile

Appearing in "Galactus is Born!"

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Synopsis for "Galactus is Born!"

Following their battle against Galactus, Thor and the Recorder return to the Regillan homeworld where the Recorder downloads the information he collected during the battle. With his mission completed, the Regillan leader tells the Recorder to prepare for deactivation, however having seen the Recorder display emotions and act beyond it's programming, Thor manages to convince them to keep the Recorder active, convincing them that it is more than just a mere machine. Thor then departs, using his enchanted hammer to teleport back to Asgard.

There Thor is greeted by Heimdall and the Warriors Three who carry Thor back to the palace where they go before Odin. There they learn that Odin had been watching Thor's battle against Galactus and found himself wondering where the creature had come from. Showing them the Illuma Screen they learn of Galactus' origins, however they see Galactus as he is today as the world devourer consumes another world to replenish his strength.

Looking into the origins of Galactus, Odin manages to call up an image of the first world that Galactus ever devoured and find it a dead world. It's image horrifies Thor, who mistakenly believes that this world is the world of Galactus' birth. Looking further into the past, Odin brings up an image of how Galactus was found in an incuba-cell in space by an army of conquerors who unwittingly unleashed Galactus who quickly destroyed them all, consumed the world he was on and then would travel out into the stars to begin sating his centuries old hunger.

With the visions of the past over, Odin retires to ponder on the power of Galactus. Thor is then visited by Torger who tells Thor that there is danger on Earth and that in his absence Sif had gone to the mortal world to investigate. As Thor heads toward Earth to help his beloved, Balder has a restless night with thoughts of Karnilla in his head. He is struggling with conflicting emotions he has over the Norn Queen and decides that he should seek out the Thunder God's help in sorting out his feelings.

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