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Quote1.png I have heard enow! If grave disaster hath befallen... then let the God of Thunder strike! The time is come for Thor to fly!! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Where Dwell the Demons!"

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Synopsis for "Where Dwell the Demons!"

Thor arrives on Earth to try and find Sif, who has gone missing while she was on a mission to Earth. Sensing danger, Thor's attention is brought to a group of soldiers telling the people of New York to clear the streets. Investigating, Thor finds that they have cordoned off a strange energy barrier that has appeared over the city's Atomic Research Center. Believing that Sif may be in the field, Thor attempts to pierce it with his hammer.

As Thor attempts to pierce the barrier, in Asgard, Odin continues to try and learn more about the origins of Galactus, and seeks out the Keeper of Antiquities to read the Book of the Ages. Unfortunately for Odin, the book imparts no further information about Galactus than what Odin has already learned. Leaving empty handed, Odin hopes to learn the secret of the Incuba-Sphere that birthed Galactus, for the sake of Asgard.

Back on Earth, Thor continues to attempt to break through the barrier, and to the shock of everyone present, he is pulled through by strange horrific creatures. Thor is pulled into the barrier before the soldiers can do anything to stop it from happening. Thor shocked to find that he has been attacked by creatures calling themselves Mutates. Although these creatures have advanced weapons, they prove to be no match for Thor's superior strength, and the Thunder God manages to fight them off with relative ease. However, Thor is forced to stop when their leader appears and shows Thor that he has his beloved Sif as it's prisoner.

Thor manages to defeat the Mutate's leader, sending the creature fleeing with a warning that it knows someone just as powerful as Thor. Thor frees Sif and the two begin to explore where they are, and it soon becomes apparent that they are some other world that has been ravaged by a cataclysmic war. Searching the ruins they find a museum and are horrified to learn that this is some future world where the Earth has been decimated by nuclear war, and that the resulting radiations have mutated humankind into the horrible Mutates that Thor fought earlier.

Finding the Atomic Research Center has been transported to this apocalyptic future as well, Thor and Sif go forward to investigate and find that the Pluto is there waiting for them. Thor and Sif attempt to attack the Grecian Death God, however he stops the two dead in their tracks with a mystic bolt. Pluto explains that he has been scheming to get revenge against Thor, and found it when he looked into the future and learned of the future that may yet come and decided to seek them out as allies. Seeking to give the Mutates an edge in his plan, Pluto appeared in modern day New York City, and then transported the Atomic Research Center into this dystopian future in the hopes of taking advantage of the scientific devices inside.

With his plot revealed, Pluto lets Thor and Sif free from his spell, and Thor naturally resumes his attack but he and Sif are then ambushed by an army of heavily armed Mutates who succeed in knocking the two Gods unconscious. As Pluto gloats over his victory, deep inside the Atomic Research Center, a metal holding casket begins to open revealing within a very familiar cocoon.

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