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Quote1 None can escape the hoary hand of Haag! Quote2

Appearing in "HIM!"

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Synopsis for "HIM!"

Following their battle with Pluto and the Mutates from a possible apocalyptic future, Thor, Sif and Balder celebrate with the soldiers who helped them defeat the menace. After the celebrations have ended, Thor decides to investigate what it was Pluto sought to claim from within the Atomic Research Center.

While in distant Asgard, Karnilla has called upon Haag a sorceress to try and make Balder fall in love with her, a task that Haag gleefully takes.

Back on Earth, Thor and the others search the halls of of the center when they are bombarded by a burst of energy. Down the hall in a secret room, a cocoon containing the artificial man named Him breaks free. Confronting the three Asgardians, Him explains his origins and how he was created by the Enclave. He continues to explain that he destroyed his evil creators and flew off into the stars, when he was drawn into a strange space trap. and was struck by a meteor, and having to enter his cocoon state once more. Unknown to Him at the time, he was spotted by the Watcher who felt compelled to violate his solemn oath of non-involvement and would place the cocoon in a US Space laboratory satellite that was destined to return to Earth.

Finishing his story, Him explains that now that he has risen he feels lonely and seeks out a mate and picks Sif to fill that role. Thor and Balder naturally try to stop Him from taking Sif away, however they are easily batted away. Him grabs Sif and then teleports away. Furious, Thor uses his hammer to transport himself and Balder to wherever it is that Him has taken his beloved.

While back in Asgard, Odin continues his research in the origins of Galactus, and has one of his scientists to seek out the world where Galactus was spawned. While in another place, Thor and Balder have tracked down Him and Sif. When Thor attempts to attack Him directly, he is struck down with an energy blast. Balder then attempts to save Sif however his attempt is interrupted when Haag suddenly appears and using a giant hand attempts to pull Balder back to Asgard.

Reviving, Thor is forced to come to Balder's aid and banishes Haag back to Asgard and closes the portal that the mystic opened with the power of his hammer. With this new threat vanquished, Thor turn and finds that in the confusion Him had escaped with Sif. Undaunted, Thor vows to not only get his beloved back, but get vengance against Him.

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