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Quote1.png I am HIM... not born of man and woman! I was created to be invincible! And those who made me... made me well! Quote2.png

Appearing in "A God Berserk!"

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  • Odin's royal astrologer



Synopsis for "A God Berserk!"

Thor is furious that Him has made off with his beloved Sif, and in the throws of rage lashes out on the world that they are on, crying for vengeance and causing massive amounts of collateral damage before teleporting himself and Balder away to find where Him had taken Sif. As they travel, Karnilla scolds Haag for her previous failure in bringing Balder to her, however Haag is not without other resources and begins creating a special doll of Balder that will hopefully help achieve Karnilla's goal.

While on another world, Thor and Balder materialize and find that the plants on this world are animated and impede the heroes travels. They manage to track Him down and find that he has sealed Sif in a sphere high above them. Furious, Thor battles Him and gets more and more angry as the fight goes on. In the throws of battle, Him tells Thor that he could use his mind powers to kill him, however Thor would become even more furious and enter into battle.

Witnessing the battle from Asgard, when coming across the battle Odin recognizes that Thor is going through the Warriors Madness. Odin finds this grave as those who fall to it must pay a penalty, even the son of all-powerful Odin. Back at the battle, Thor is denied his vengeance when Him suddenly enters into a cocoon form and flies off into space to return to the stars.

With his foe out of sight, Thor finds that the Warriors Madness begins to fade from his mind, and realizes to his horror what he had gone through. With Him defeated however, he frees Sif from the sphere she is trapped in and the two are reunited. With the battle over, Balder, Thor and Sif realize that there is a hefty price to pay for his succumbing to the Warrior Madness.

While back in Asgard, a space ship that has been prepared to send an Asgardian into space to seek out Galactus is completed and Odin decides that Thor's punishment will be to seek out the world devourer and learn it's origins. Thor and the others return to Asgard, where Thor tells the other to leave him to face Odin and his punishment alone.

Solicit Synopsis

At last the GOD OF THUNDER loses his cool and goes berserk! If it's action you're after, don't miss this staggering showdown between THOR and — HIM!

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Reprinted in Marvel Masterworks:Thor Volume 8

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