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Quote1.png Power -- such as thine -- may ne'er be used in wanton wrath! Where man may err -- a God may not! Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "This World Renounced!"

Following a battle where he gave into the Warriors Madness, Thor goes to Odin to receive his punishment. Although Sif pleads Thor's case, because he gave into the madness to save her, Odin refuses to grant Thor mercy and tells all gathered that the Thunder God must pay a sacrifice for his crimes. Balder decides that while Thor is on his penance, that he will go to Earth and defend it in the Thunder God's absence and leaves for the Bifrost Bridge. Odin comes to a decision and sentences Thor to go and seek out Galactus to find and learn his secrets.

Meanwhile, Loki is once more in the company of Karnilla and the two are plotting once again against Asgard. However, Loki is at a loss to understand why Karnilla is wasting her time on trying to win Balder's affections. When Balder arrives on Earth, Haag presents the enchanted doll of the warrior to the two mischief makers. Loki grabs the doll and strikes it as hard as he can, causing Balder to collapse just as he arrives on Earth, the hero is then rushed off to a hospital.

Back in Asgard, Thor is brought to the ship that he will pilot in his quest to find Galactus, with the ships construction revealed, Odin sends Thor back to Earth to wait for him to be called upon to embark on his mission. Arriving on Earth, Thor decides to tie up matters in his civilian guise of Donald Blake before departing. Arriving at the hospital where he works as Blake, Thor learns of Balder's condition and decides that he must save his friends life in his mortal guise, completely unaware that he is being watched by Loki.

When Thor changes back into Donald Blake, he is attacked by Loki who wrests Blake's walking stick from his hands and easily over-powers the lame physician, knocking him out. However, the battle is ended when Odin intervenes, banishing Loki back to Asgard, leaving Blake to recover his walking stick, unaware of Odin's intervention but glad that Loki is gone none the less.

As Donald goes to perform surgery on Balder, in deep space Galactus consumes another world, giving alarm on Asgard prompting those watching Galactus to report the sighting to Odin. Back on Earth, Blake completes his surgery on Balder who is expected to recover fully. With his job done, Blake resumes his Thor identity and flies off, wondering how long it will be before he sees the Earth again.

Solicit Synopsis

The Thunder God receives the most awesome punishment of all — at the hands of the all-powerful Odin! See Don Blake on earth once more! See the villainy of Loki! Greatness lurks within!

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