Quote1 Beyond yon spires -- I behold a smoldering blaze! 'Tis there methinks the danger lies! And, where danger threatens -- there must go the God of Thunder! Quote2
-- Thor

Appearing in "The Thunder God and the Thermal Man!"

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Synopsis for "The Thunder God and the Thermal Man!"

Continued from last issue...

Thor has been teleported to New York City by Odin, and is horrified to see that a new communist robot known as the Thermal Man has ravaged the city. Thor goes into the battle zone and finds that the Warriors Three and Balder proved too weak to stop the powerful robot. As the Asgardians regroup, the US military arrives and throws massive amounts of fire-power on the robot, but to no avail as the robot easily blasts them away with it's thermal blasts.

Not wishing to stand idly by, Thor leads the Warriors Three and Balder back into the fray. Although the five Gods outnumber the Thermal Man and Thor's own hammer can stagger the construct, it still proves able to fight them all off. Meanwhile, realizing that the Thermal Man has proven to be too powerful and possibly a threat to their own nation, those behind the "Bamboo Curtain" that created the Thermal Man have given the US military a implosion bomb that will hopefully disable the rampaging robot.

As the bomb is dropped, it is noticed by Thor who uses his magic hammer to shield himself and the others from the bombs effect. The bomb lands on the Thermal Man seemingly deactivating the robot and ending it's threat. With the battle over, Thor notices that there are injured people among the wreckage and changes back into his mortal guise of Donald Blake so that he may administer medical attention. Finding a man in the rubble, Blake carries an injured man off to the hospital.

As the Warriors Three and Balder recover from the fight (with Volstagg bragging about his supposed battle prowess, as usual) the Thermal Man revives and it attacks them once more. Watching from Asgard, Karnilla grows concerned over the fate of Balder, and much to Loki's disapproval, she teleports the Warriors Three and Balder to her castle in Asgard. Furious that Karnilla would save the life of a hated enemy for love, Loki departs no longer wishing to be her ally, vowing that she will rue the day she had crossed him.

While back on Earth, Blake continues to treat the wounded until he learns that the Thermal Man is back on the rampage. Rushing out of the hospital, Blake transforms back into Thor to battle the Thermal Man once more. Battling the robot once more, Thor finds that it is indestructible but comes up with a means to defeat it. Thor lures the Thermal Man to the docks, where the Thunder God summons a powerful storm. The tidal waves created from such a deluge wash the Thermal Man away ending his threat.

As Thor allows the storm to subside, he is confident that the robot will harm no more, as the currents of the ocean will carry it far north where it will be frozen in ice forever more.

Solicit Synopsis

Back on earth once more, the Thunder God faces his most desperate battle — with the uncanny Thermal Man!


  • In this issue, Fandral shatters his sword on the Thermal Man's body. This should be further proof that his Asgardian steel is not enchanted.
  • This issue features a letters page, The Hammer Strikes. Letters are published from Ed Shultz, Jerry Prisinzano, Alan Brennert, and Max Kerpelman.

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  • Reprinted in Marvel Masterworks:Thor Volume 8


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