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Quote1.png None may say what Loki can do! None may dare tell Loki nay! For Loki doth wear the Ring Imperial! Quote2.png

Appearing in "The Fall of Asgard!"

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Synopsis for "The Fall of Asgard!"

When a series of truck hijackings have been hitting the city, the police employ the help of Thor to round up the thieves by setting a trap for them, which with the aid of the Thunder God lands an easy capture. While in the land of the Norns, Balder and the Warriors Three have recovered from their injuries and pay their leave to Karnilla. Balder and Karnilla have another exchange about how Balder cannot give up his loyalty to Asgard and love Karnilla and the quartet depart. Haag taunts Karnilla over her softness toward Balder and is chased out of the room.

Enrout back to Asgard, Balder and the others pause when they spot Mountain Giants, in the employ of Loki who are heading to attack Asgard. Spotting Loki's involvement, Balder and the Warriors Three decide it's best to contact Thor as soon as possible. Thor meanwhile has returned to the office he owns as Donald Blake, however before he can change back to his mortal guise, Thor spots Sif on a nearby roof top and joins her. Sif tells Thor that Odin has once more entered the Odinsleep and that Loki is about to amass an attack on Asgard.

Thor transports himself and Sif back to Asgard, where Thor sends Sif to guard Odin while he joins the other Asgardian warriors in defending the realm. As Thor is preoccupied, Loki manages to infiltrate the palace and fight his way into Odin's sleeping chambers. When Sif and the warriors at guard inside attempt to stop Loki, Loki uses his royal heritage to order the warriors to stop fighting him and subdue Sif.

As the battle rages on, Thor and the Warriors Three do their part in fighting off the Mountain Giants. However, as the battle reaches an end there is a sudden blare of trumpets signaling a call to end the battle. To everyone's surprise, Loki, now garbed in regal attire decrees that he is now in charge of all of Asgard, showing that he has removed the Imperial Ring of Asgard from Odin's hand and now wears it upon his finger.

When Thor attempts to rally the people of Asgard to overthrow Loki, they cannot bring themselves to disobey Asgardian law that dictates that whomsoever wears the Imperial Ring rules the land. Thor himself decides to take on Loki on his own, however is forced to back down and claim loyalty to Loki as the Trickster God has Sif as his prisoner.

Finally at victory, Loki decrees that he will spread evil across the land.

Solicit Synopsis

The saga you never expected to read! Expect shock after shock as the Thunder God must accept the triumph of Loki in—The Fall of Asgard!


  • This issue features a letters page, The Hammer Strikes. Letters are published from Gary Edward Uttke, Roy Dunlap, Peter G. Haag, and Bennet Marks.

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