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Quote1.png Let the revelry begin! 'Tis a time for merry-making! So Speaks Odin! Quote2.png
All-Father (Odin Borson)

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Synopsis for "Death Is A Stranger"

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Following the defeat of Surtur, Odin has reclaimed the throne in Asgard, although there is much celebration, Sif notices that Thor is concerned over when Loki may return to attack Asgard anew.

While in the deep reaches of space, the Abomination rematerializes on the Stranger's world following his defeat at the hands of the Silver Surfer on Earth. Finding himself outside of the Stranger's citadel, the Abomination sneaks into it to try and find a means of defeating his captor so that he might escape. Spying the Stranger using his space scanner, he witnesses the Stranger detecting a new and interesting specimen for the taking and so the Stranger departs to investigate and teleports away.

The Abomination notices that the Strange had left his scanner on and that it's turned it's attentions to Thor. Deciding that the Thunder God would make an ideal opponent to crush the Stranger, the Abomination uses the Strangers devices to teleport Thor to the Stranger's citadel. The Abomination tricks Thor into helping him, convincing the Thunder God that he is just a helpless prisoner of the Stranger. Thor is then taken to the holding cells where many other alien creatures have been imprisoned by the Stranger. Thor frees them all when suddenly the Stranger appears, prompting all his captives to flee across the planet.

Thor battles the Stranger one-on-one, however he finds that the Stranger's powers are many and that he could quite possibly be more than his match and so he decides to flee the scene to determine a new strategy. While back in Asgard, Odin is troubled that Thor has gone missing and agrees to allow Sif to seek him out.

While back on the Stranger's world, Thor decides the best thing to do is lay low and decides to transform himself back into Donald Blake in order to maintain a low profile. This ends up working against him when he happens upon the Abomination, who has rallied together all of the Stranger's captives. Blake overhears the Abominations true intentions, that he's not beneficent as he originally pretended to be and that he intends to take over the Stranger's citadel for his own evil ends. Spotting Blake, the Abomination and his cohorts easily over-power the lame doctor and take away his cane before he can strike it on the ground. Finding the weakling doctor weak, they toss Blake aside and plot their attack.

Wondering what to do next, Blake is relieved when Sif arrives and gives him his cane back. Changing back into Thor, the two gods attack the Abomination and his minions and easily defeats his opponents. However the battle alerts the Stranger of their location, who arrives still craving vengeance against the Thunder God. Realizing that such a powerful being would be a threat to the realm of Asgard, Thor uses his mystical hammer to travel back in time to the point when the Abomination first summoned Thor to the Stranger's world.

This time, when the Abomination tries to rally Thor to his side, the Thunder God easily knocks him out and returns the gamma monster back to his cell. Returning to Asgard before the Stranger returns he is reunited with Sif whom he embraces in a kiss.


  • Although Balder is shown enjoying the merriment this issue, he will be portrayed as bed-ridden from the Battle of Asgard next issue.
  • "Torger" is mentioned as Odin's mystic sage who sent Sif to rescue Thor. Odin is traditionally advised by the mystic Grand Vizier. Togor may be the Asgardian who heralds Odin prior to the Asgardian revel this issue


  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story#299Z.
  • First issue of Thor not to be drawn by Jack Kirby in several years.
  • This issue contains a letters page, The Hammer Strikes. Letters are published from Bennet Marks, Tony Labriola, Rick Troman and Nils Osman.

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