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Victor von Doom

Appearing in "The Prisoner -- the Power -- and -- Dr. Doom!"

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Synopsis for "The Prisoner -- the Power -- and -- Dr. Doom!"

Thor is patrolling the city when he happens upon a young girl protesting Latverian oppression outside the Latverian embassy. The protest ends up inciting a riot between people who are for and against the young girls cause and the end result is that the girl gets injured. Thinking that this is more of a job for Donald Blake, Thor changes into his mortal guise and tries to get to the girls aid, however he finds that the mod is in too much of a frenzy and changes into Thor once more, scaring them all over.

Rushing the girl to his office, Thor once more resumes his Donald Blake guise before the girl comes around. When she does, Blake learns that the girl had been protesting for a very personal reason. She is Cosette Lafarge, a French girl whose father is great inventor named Professor Lafarge. They were kidnapped from their home and taken to Latveria.

Victor von Doom (Earth-616), Cosette Lafarge (Earth-616), and Francis Lafarge (Earth-616) from Thor Vol 1 182 001.jpg

There he was brought before its monarch, Dr. Doom, who would use his daughter's safety as a bargaining chip to force Lafarge into building new missile silos for Doom's kingdom. Her father would break down and agree to Doom's terms, and years later Cosette would be smuggled out of Latveria and she would eventually end up in the United States where she began taking up her protests.

Hearing the story, Blake agrees that something must be done about Dr. Doom and tells her that he knows someone who can help her and sees her out of his office. Blake decides to play into Doom's vanity and contacts his old colleague Harris Hobbs and has Hobbs run a story in the paper. After he finished his call, Blake is summoned to Asgard by Odin who teleports him instantly there and transforms him into Thor. Odin has brought Thor to Asgard to tell him about a place called "The World Beyond" however, Thor asks that his father grant him a moment to deal with matters on Earth first. Although Balder and Sif have their reservations about Thor traveling to this realm, the Thunder God accepts the mission. Odin then agrees to let Thor deal with matters on Earth before partaking on his next mission.

While on Earth, Dr. Doom gets wind of the false story that Blake planted in the paper: a new plastic surgery method that could potentially heal Doom's horribly scarred face. Wanting to have this performed on him, Dr. Doom orders one of his aids to drive him out of the Latverian embassy to seek out and kidnap Donald Blake. Thor meanwhile, has returned to Earth and resumed his Blake identity and is walking the streets in hopes of attracting Doom's attention. This plays out for Blake when Doom uses a molecule displacer device to transport Blake from the street corner to the inside of Doom's car where he is incapacitated. Fleeing the scene quickly, Doom and his aid drive to a secret aircraft hanger outside of town where Doom pilots a specially build plane that brings them to Latveria within hours.

When Blake revives Dr. Doom takes Blake into his banquet hall and shows him his horribly scarred face, asking the doctor to perform the plastic surgery on him so that he may be rid of his cursed scars. As part of his plan, Blake pretends to be horrified and confesses that there is nothing he can do. Furious, Doom has Blake locked in the dungeon. Although Blake is out of reach of his walking stick, he manages to get by using his shoe.

Changing into Thor once again, Blake makes his escape from the dungeon and rounds back to attack Doom's castle. Detecting Thor's approach, Doom launches a stalker missile that locks onto Thor. To Thor's horror he realizes that he has two choices: Let the missile hit him, or crash and destroy the village bellow him.

Solicit Synopsis

The one you demanded! The one you've been waiting for! Dr. Blake, mighty Thor's alter ego, versus: the demoniacal and deadly Dr. Doom!


  • Pencils: Romita (uncredited) did the Don Blake figures on story pages 14 (panels 2-5) and 18 (panels 5 and 6).
  • This issue contains a letters page, The Hammer Strikes. Letters are published from Robert E. Balbis, Evan Peter Katten, David Irvin, Bob Knotts, Jackson Chaddo, and Jim Martin.
  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story#436-Z.

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