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Quote1 The Silver Surfer bows to no female... To no queen. Quote2
Silver Surfer (Norrin Radd)

Appearing in "What Power Unleashed?"

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Synopsis for "What Power Unleashed?"

Brief Summary:
Balder summons the Silver Surfer and convinces him to help Thor fight Durok. The Surfer locates Thor and helps to revive him from the injuries that he sustained in battle. The Surfer stays to fight Durok, while Thor returns to Asgard to battle Loki. Realizing that Durok is too dangerous, the Surfer brings him into a future where Earth has been destroyed. He leaves them there, unable to harm anything or anyone. Thor arrives in Asgard and is attacked by Loki and the Storm Giants. He loses his hammer and is within seconds of turning back into his human form.

Thor Vol 1 193 001

Detailed Summary:
High atop Mount Everest, Balder and Karnilla have summoned the Silver Surfer to come to the aid of Thor who is now battling Durok, a powerful mystical creature created by Loki Laufeyson. The Surfer, after many betrayals from humans is apathetic to Balder's pleas for help, telling the god that he has no interest in the affairs of humans. Balder furiously pleads with the Surfer, telling the Zenn-Lavian that he would give his life to help Thor. Hearing this, Karnilla painfully reminds Balder that his life is sworn to her and her only. This prompts the Surfer to get involved, and when Karnilla is unable to strike the Surfer down, she frees Balder from the rocky confines she is crushing him in. The Surfer uses his Power Cosmic to heal him. Karnilla realizes to her horror what she had almost done and wonders if she would ever be deserving of Balders love.

The Surfer then tells Balder that he has convinced the Surfer to go to Thor's aid and speeds off on his cosmic surf board. Arriving in Washington, D.C., the Surfer finds Thor defending the city from Durok. Durok manages to gain the upper hand however and knocks Thor out with some high voltage wires when their battle takes them into the sewer. Joining the fight, the Surfer commands his board to keep Durok at bay, while he attempts to use his Power Cosmic to revive Thor.

While in Asgard, Loki has a feast with Sif and a legion of his minions, boasting over his coming wedding to Sif and the destruction of Thor. He then realizes that Karnilla and Balder are missing and locates them on Earth. Furious, he teleports them back to Asgard, where he demands to know what they were doing there. When Balder admits that he was attempting to help Thor, Loki punishes Balder by casting a spell that makes his face hideous. After reminding them that he is their master (and mystically creating a statue of himself outside the palace) Loki then decides to be merciful and changes Balder's face back to normal.

Back on Earth, the Surfer uses his Power Cosmic to it's fullest potential in order to revive Thor from the brink of death. The Silver Surfer then tells Thor to attend to things in Asgard while he deals with Durok. Thanking the Surfer for his help, Thor teleports back to Asgard where he finds that Loki has instructed Heimdall that Thor is not allowed to cross the Bifrost Bridge. This command forces the two to fight each other and the battle ends when Heimdall is accidentally knocked off the Bifrost. When Thor rescues his life, Heimdall tells Thor that he had no choice but to follow Loki's orders and allows Thor to pass.

At the gates of Asgard, Thor finds a trio of Storm Giants there to stop Thor from passing through. While back on Earth, the Surfer continues his fight against Durok. Their battle takes them out front of the Washington Monument where the Surfer is over-powered by Durok's mystical bolts. Durok then shatters the Surfer's board, before departing and continuing his rampage. When the Silver Surfer revives, he uses his Power Cosmic to rebuild his board and goes after Durok, who is fighting off the National Guard.

Finding that Durok is far too powerful to be stopped, the Surfer knocks the creature on his board and flies beyond the speed of light, breaking through the fabric of time and space. Arriving in a distant future where the human race has exterminated itself, the Surfer leaves Durok behind in a apocalyptic future where he can harm nobody.

While back in present day Asgard, Thor fights off and defeats the three Storm Giants and breaks into the palace where he comes across Sif as she is being fitted in a wedding dress for her forced marriage to Loki. Loki then arrives and blasts Thor out of the palace, separating him from his hammer. With the 60 second limit that would lead to Thor transforming into Donald Blake ticking away, Loki sicks more Storm Giants on his brother, who wait for the transformation to happen so they might destroy the Thunder God once and for all.

Solicit Synopsis

Enter - the Silver Surfer! Begins - the most mind-wrenching battle in the annals of timeless Asgard! And wait'll you dig John Buscema's artwork!


  • Last issue Loki specifies that he sent Durok to the United Nations building in New York, however in this issue, it's clearly depicted that they are fighting in Washington D.C. Similarly, Balder transported himself to a major U.S. city, but then is shown on Mount Everest.
  • The Silver Surfer doesn't seem to recognize Balder, even though the two have already squared off in the past. His memory lapse may be due to Loki's clouding of his mind during this meeting. [1]
  • The Silver Surfer carries Durok on his surfboard around the Earth faster than the speed of light until he travels into the distant future. This is not the first time he has traveled to the future in this way. [2]
  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story#717-Z.


  • This issue is a 25 Cent Giant and features a new cover logo for Thor. This volume will return to its previous 32 page format and new 20 cent pricing next issue.
  • This issue features a letters page, The Hammer Strikes. Letters are published from Danny Exon, Cpl. Raymond B. Cetko, Dawn W. Shine, Paul Finger, Mike Glielmi, and bernie Long. The Mighty Marvel Checklist is also included on the letters page.

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