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Quote1.png Are we warriors -- or murderers? There be no glory in the death of a defenselss foe. Quote2.png
The Mighty Thor

Appearing in "In the Shadow of Mangog!"

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Synopsis for "In the Shadow of Mangog!"

Thor, Sif, and the Warriors Three celebrate their victory over Loki, during the festivities Thor notices that Odin is in a very grim and brooding state. Upon asking his father what's troubling him, Odin tells him that he must send Thor and the Warriors Three on a mission that they may not return from. He explains that he needs them to go to World's End and learn the secrets of the Twilight Well from Kartag the Keeper. Sif is mortified that Odin could send his favored son on such a bleak mission. Odin rebukes her claim and sends Thor and the Warriors Three on their mission.

Odin then calls for Hildegarde and sends her and Sif on a mission to the Blackworld. Sif protests, and is knocked out from a back-hand from Hildegarde for her troubles. Odin then teleports the two women to Blackworld where Sif cries over her and Thor's fates, the gruff Hildegarde ignores her tears and orders Sif to join her in finding shelter.

While in World's End, Thor and the Warriors Three arrive and Thor uses his mystical hammer to find the location of Kartag. Following the hammers lead, they have to cross a giant spider-web where they are attacked by a gigantic spider-monster. It has the upper-hand, however Thor kills it with a blast in the face from his hammer, sending the monster plummeting into the chasm below.

While back in Asgard, Odin has called for Asgard's eldest warriors Khan, Bulwar, Rongor and Whitemane out of retirement to help defend Asgard in Thor's absence. He shows them the visi-screen where Odin tracks Loki's progress through the land in which he has been banished. There Loki finds the place where Odin banished Mangog and unleashes the creature hoping to gain it as an ally. Mangog however, has no interests except for the destruction of all the Gods of Asgard, and seals Loki in a block of dark amber before venturing forward to bring about Ragnarok. With their threat identified, the four old warriors pledge to defend Asgard and prevent it's destruction at the hands of Mangog.

While back at World's End, Thor and his comrades hitch a ride on bird-like creatures and use them as steeds to travel the terrain faster. Along the way, they are attacked by Forest Trolls, which they easily fight off. However, venturing into the woods, they find that one of the Forest Trolls had walked into a quicksand pit and is at risk of drowning. Thor rushes to rescue the Forest Troll who gives his thanks, introduces himself as Kyger, and becomes their guide showing them the way. While in Blackworld itself, Hildegarde and Sif try to find lodging in a nearby town but find it's people less than hospitable.

While back in Asgard, Odin is alerted of the arrival of Mangog, who has managed to fight it's way through all the Asgard's warriors and smash through the gates into the palace.

Solicit Synopsis

The Thunder God battles to the death against the legendary Troll Legions - for the Well at World's End! And then - Mangog returns!


  • In Mangog's previous appearance, Odin reveals that the creature is really a gestalt of a race of billions that Odin slew. After his last defeat, Odin resurrected the people on a new world hoping that could live new lives free of hate. Mangog's apparent resurrection and imprisonment remain unexplained.
  • This issue contains no letters page.

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