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Appearing in "-- And Odin Dies!"

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Synopsis for "-- And Odin Dies!"

Odin defeats Mangog, by casting a spell that separates him from the hate that feeds him. Unfortunately, the result is not only Mangog's demise, but Odin's as well, as he was not strong enough to keep going after casting such a strong spell. Thor causes time to stand still around Odin so that when Asgard is returned to its rightful dimension, Hela cannot claim his soul.

Solicit Synopsis

The Death of Odin! And then, as Asgard reels, re-enter Tana Nile - and the sinister Colonizers! An epic of unparalleled greatness!


  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story#830-Z.
  • This issue features a letters page, The Hammer Strikes. Letters are published from George Tasker, III, Eve Pulli and John W. Hanley.

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