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Quote1.png ... Are we not Asgard's finest warriors -- the greatest of the living great! shall we buckle like weak-kneed children. Or shall we go on -- on to our Final hour ONTO OUR NOBLE DEATHS! Quote2.png
The Mighty Thor

Appearing in "They Walk Like Gods!"

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Synopsis for "They Walk Like Gods!"

Thor is pinned under some rocks but his transformation to Dr. Donald Blake frees him and he changes back to Thor before Ego-Prime notices.

The scene changes to 96 hours ago where Heimdall and Kamorr are taking Jason Kimball to a yacht where he meets Carter Dyam and Chi Lo. Carter is an Israeli soldier and Chi Lo is a Japanese farmer. They tell Jason how Heimdall found them and changed their lives. Jason asks why he was called here and Heimdall tells him his skills as an artist are required by Odin.

Odin is sitting in his chamber when he is interrupted by Karnilla who demands to know the location of Balder. The Grand Vizier rushes in after her and is shocked that Odin is playing "The Game". Odin agrees to show Karnilla her loved one.

Balder is fighting beside Thor. Ego-Prime throws a large stone at Thor but he destroys it and he throws Mjolnir at Ego-Prime's head. Dazed but conscious, Ego-Prime catches Thor in his hand but Balder attacks Ego-Prime with his sword. Thor escapes but Ego-Prime still lives. Heimdall and his friends reach the battlefield. Meanwhile, Volstagg is protecting a child from Ego-Prime's onslaught.

Ego-Prime uses his power to destroy the world but he over-exerts himself at fades away. But the three mortals evolve from the power of Ego-Prime and become Young Gods. Odin then reveals his plan to transform three ordinary mortals into a newer, younger race of gods. Thor asks why he needed to decimate a planet for his divine plan but Odin says he shall restore the world as it was and the mortals will have no memory of this. Thor accuses Odin of not caring about them, that they were only pawns in this plan of his, and he leaves, disheartened and betrayed.

Solicit Synopsis

Ego-Prime defeated! Odin's master plan revealed at last! Then - the birth of a new mystery!


  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story#405-Z.
  • This issue contains a letters page, The Hammer Strikes. Letters are published from Matthew Flamm, Hal Colbatch and Darleen E. White.

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