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Quote1.png As thou dost wish, child -- though the heart -- of noble Volstagg yearns always -- for battle -- z-zzzzzzz Quote2.png
-- Volstagg

Appearing in "Exiled on Earth!"

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Synopsis for "Exiled on Earth!"

Odin condemns the heroes to Earth for daring to question him. Tana Nile uses her control pack to disguise herself as an Earthling, accepting the fact that she and Silas Grant are marooned on Earth. Doctor Donald Blake discovers that his office has been closed in his absence due to a change in building ownership. Slowly but surely, the exiled and marooned are separated and all fall prey to Mephisto.

Solicit Synopsis

Mephisto returns!


  • Cover art: Romita contributed to the art.[1]
  • Fandral utters the profanity, "By Odin's silver beard," when both Balder and Hogun disappear before his very eyes.
  • "The Hammer Strikes" letters page features missives from Bill Blyberg, Michael Alan Suchciki, and Scott Olson.
  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story#1023-Z.

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