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Look to the south, noble Asgardian... look to the south... and see your DOOM!
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Not all the hordes of Hell -- not thee or any demigod -- can drag me to my doom -- for doom is Thor's to give!
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Appearing in "A World Gone Mad!"

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Synopsis for "A World Gone Mad!"

Mephisto attempts to trick Thor into harming his friends who are innocent in order to corrupt his immortal soul. In doing so Mephisto would be able to fully break the barrier of his realm thus allowing his armies to descend on those who dwell outside it. Thor spotting his deceptions didn't fall prey to the ruse and cast Mephisto aside saving his friends and many innocents from across time and space in the process, those Mephisto had planned to use to house his servants to do evil.

Solicit Synopsis

The Thunder God vs. Mephisto - in the haunted halls of the Sub-World! And the demon's allies are none other than Thor's most trusted friends - including the lady Sif! Get it!


  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story#1024-Z.
  • This issue contains a letters page, The Hammer Strikes. Letters are published from David McDonnell, Rick Keefe, Shirley A. Gorman, and Larry Fieldler.


  • The demon servant of Mephisto "Hykos" and "Sykos" could be the same entity with a typo creating the confusion.

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