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Hogun the Grim
Enough of this self-pity... We see our duty clear before us, Fandral!
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Fandral the Fleet
Yeah--a duty plain--and more-- a duty pleasant! --As are all which claim the work--of a moving sword!
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Appearing in "The Fourth-Dimensional Man!"

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Synopsis for "The Fourth-Dimensional Man!"

Thor and Hildegarde return to Avengers Mansion to think on what they must do. Meanwhile, Mr. Sarron returns to Don Blake's office and transforms himself into Mercurio by absorbing the ambient energy leftover from all of his transformations into Thor. But there is not enough energy, and he partly materializes. Passing over his old office, Thor notices a light inside and investigates, only to be attacked by Mercurio. While in Avengers Mansion, the Warriors Three notice on a monitor the battle, and go to help Thor. When they arrive, they begin to attack, but don't notice that Thor is gone. He has flown off to find a way to defeat Mercurio. He does so by melting an iron girder and dumping it on Mercurio, and with no way to release the buildup of his power, it consumes him.

Solicit Synopsis

Introducing — the 4-D Man!


  • In the cover, Mercurio is incorrectly called "Mecurio"
  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story#1243-Z.
  • This issue features a letters page, The Hammer Strikes. Letters are published from David McDonnell, Bob Gale, Matthew Flamm and Mark McKinney.


  • The emanations from months/years of Don Blake's transformation to the Mighty Thor (and vice versa) has led to a substantial energy source that can power Mercurio's Dimensional Oscillator.

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