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Quote1.png Of all the mighty Trolls -- Ulik is the strongest -- Ulik is the most powerful! Quote2.png
-- Ulik

Appearing in "The Hammer and the Hellfire!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Ulla (First appearance)


Other Characters:

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Synopsis for "The Hammer and the Hellfire!"

Deep under the Earth's surface King Geirrodur and Ulik watch on through a mystical smoke as Thor battles some Korean soldier who think him an American spy when in reality he had only come to Korea for a quiet place to think. The two determine that the way to defeat Thor is remove him from his hammer and so in the dead of night as Thor slept an army of trolls steal away Thor and Mjolnir into their cavern below the Earth's surface.

During the travel Thor awakens and decimates the trolls that had been carrying him only to be met with by a powerful blow from Ulik. The two spar with Thor leading the battle... that is until Ulik mentions that Thor fights without honor for he fights with Mjolnir while Ulik himself is unarmed. This causes Thor to put away his hammer in order to maintain his honor which he believes he has led his life up to this point since childhood.

Meanwhile the King is enacting his plans which involve some of his trolls lugging a large piece of magnetized uru to the battlefield. While Thor is knocked down they use this large piece of uru to grip his hammer from his belt and start transporting Mjolnir to a place to destroy it. The fight continues on between Thor and Ulik who admits during the fight that they only wished to remove Thor's hammer from his person and that to a warrior all weapons are fair during battle. Ulla the troll queen also warns Thor of an incoming attack from behind with her reasoning being "The thought of one so fair--so unfairly done." Thor running out of time before he reverts to Donald Blake defeats Ulik and runs towards where Mjolnir is being kept only to see it disappear into a burning forge. Thor leaps into the forge after Mjolnir while Ulik enter and he and his trolls gloat of their victory and look towards their next conquest Earth...


  • This issue contains a letters page, The Hammer Strikes. Letters are published from (Unsigned), Ricky Jackson, and Richard Scharf.

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