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Quote1.png Let this be thy final lesson monster, -- No man is e'er defeated till his last breath is drawn! Quote2.png
The Mighty Thor

Appearing in "A Galaxy Consumed!"

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Side Story (Foreshadows Future Issue)




Synopsis for "A Galaxy Consumed!"

Thor and his group go to the Black Stars, where they are attacked by Avalon, who then tells Thor that he was just testing them, that his people are robotic slaves to the masters of the Black Stars.. They all begin to talk, when they are attacked by the Protector, but it is destroyed by Thor. They then see the masters of the Black Stars, against which, Thor is microscopic.


  • This issue features a letters page, The Hammer Strikes. Letters are published from Marvin Marlow, Jr., Mildred Schlain, Harvey Phillips, and Lynn Marie Gibbs.
  • The image of Thor from Page 14, Panel One will be recycled and used as the Thunder god's Series "A" Marvel Value Stamp.

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