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Silas Grant

Appearing in "Hercules Enraged!"

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Synopsis for "Hercules Enraged!"

Thor is in Olympus, battling the guards, to see Hercules. In an extended flashback, we see the Asgardians return home, only to be greeted by an upset Hildegarde. She had gone to Odin to find Krista, and sees her in Pluto's underworld as a slave and standing over her are Pluto and Hercules. Back in Olympus, Thor and Hercules battle, with Herc claiming that he doesn't know what Thor is talking about. During the battle, Ares sneaks away to meet Snatos, and confirm that the plan proceeds accordingly. Zeus stops the battle and confirms what he already guessed, that Thor has been decieved by Pluto.


  • This issue contains a letters page, The Hammer Strikes. Letters are published from Larry Ross, Bob Mrgolis, Leonard Phillip Zinna, and Andrew Maness.

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