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These are odds for a God! -- No paltry group of Trolls, but a full army! Ah, it makes the blood sing, Asgardian! It makes a man feel Alive!
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It can also make a man dead, Olympian. Let these demons get close enough and they'll slit thy throat as soon as look at thee!
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I'd like to see them try Blondhair -- Ah, I'd like to see them TRY!
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Appearing in "Before the Gates of Hell!"

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Synopsis for "Before the Gates of Hell!"

Thor and Hercules are having an arm wrestling match to determine who will face Pluto, when Zeus interrupts and tells them to fight together. They travel together to the gates of Hades and are attacked by Pluto's minions. They defeat the minions, then go to visit Chaga, to learn who it is that's against them. She tells them that it's Pluto and Ares. They fly to the gates of Hell and there meet Ares, whose power has been increased by Pluto. They manage to defeat him and then they enter Hell.


  • This issue contains a letters page, The Hammer Strikes. Letters are published from Del S., and Steve Jetta. The letters page also contains a Series "A" Marvel Value Stamps #41 Gladiator.

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