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Don Blake
I've never really been Don Blake...
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...Only Thor...who stands ever alone
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Appearing in "The Coming of the Firelord!"

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  • Galactus Space Bubble

Synopsis for "The Coming of the Firelord!"

Thor commands Mjolnir, which was in the Destroyer's hand, to return to him, and so it must. Thor and the Destroyer continue their battle, while Hercules returns with the body of Holmes. Hercules with Holmes' body, in drawing close to the Destroyer, the latter gets distracted and Thor takes advantage of it, hitting it with Mjolnir. The Destroyer falls to the ground and Holmes' spirit returns to his body. While Thor changes back to Blake to check on Krista, Firelord arrives on Earth, and at the selfsame hospital. Hercules and Firelord begin to battle, and Blake's cane is knocked out a window. Blake races to the ground and changes to Thor, and then he stops the battle, realizing who Firelord is - herald to Galactus. Firelord then summons Galactus, and Galactus plans to feast this day.


  • In this issue, Thor recalls that his trademark helmet has sentimental value to him. It was given to him as an adolescent from his father Odin.
  • This issue contains a letters page, The Hammer Strikes. Letters are published from Eugene R. Sanchez, Kevin Reid, The Dunlap, Jackie Biggers, Wakanda Con Enterprises, and Riley Foster.

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