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Quote1.png Do mortals enjoy this life? Are they mad -- or are they accursed? Children cry for their mothers ... Men weep for dreams lost or abandoned... Quote2.png

Appearing in "Where Darkness Dwells, Dwell I!"

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Synopsis for "Where Darkness Dwells, Dwell I!"

Both Thor and Hercules have returned to Earth, but while Thor flies overhead, Hercules hears a cry for help. He rushes to it, only to see an old man attacked by a robber. Hercules chases him down, only to return just in time to see the old man kill himself. A police detective tells Thor and Hercules about how several people have gone insane lately and killed themselves. Hercules storms off by himself, but is captured by a mysterious shadowy figure. He later manages to barely return to Thor, only to collapse in front of him.


  • This issue contains a letters page, The Hammer Strikes. Letters are published from Scot Williams, Gary Henderson, Derrick Royal, and Ann Nichols.


  • The letters page also contains a color advertisement for one of the most sought after comics of the Bronze Age: Hulk #181.

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