Quote1 Steel thyself, Hercules, No dream or memory alone is enought to break a man... Quote2
-- Thor

Appearing in "The Sky Above... the Pits Below!"

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Synopsis for "The Sky Above... the Pits Below!"

Thor flies Hercules to Avengers Mansion, where he has Iron Man try to probe his mind to find out what happened to him, but Hercules comes to and lashes out smashing everything around him until Krista calms him down. Back in Asgard, Hildegarde forces her way into Odin's chambers, only to find it empty. She searches until she finds the Vizier, who tells her that Odin has vanished, and no one knows where he is. Thor had Hercules make their way back to the tunnels where he was attacked. Hercules opens up a piece of the tunnel, letting in the light, and causing the demons to flee.


  • The "Memory Inducer" was used previously on Hercules in Avengers #99. Even though the machine has been revamped by Iron Man, it is still similarly unsuccesful on the Prince of Power. Hercules destroys the latest model.
  • No letters page is published this issue.

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