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ThorQuote1 "Tis a SIN for Asgardian to raise sword against Asgardians -- A SIN! May thy soul rot forever, Loki! May thy eyes burn -- Thy flesh rot -- that thou should bring me to THIS! Quote2
LokiQuote1 Brother mine, you are a sentimentalist, 'Tis a flaw you may well find fatal! Quote2

Appearing in "Midgard Aflame!"

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Synopsis for "Midgard Aflame!"

Loki transports himself to Asgard. With Odin still missing the God of Mischief quickly vanquishes the Vizier. Outside of Avengers Mansion, Thor rescues a small child from an oncoming truck. Thor has decided to gather the Avengers to help him battle Loki and his oncoming army. When Thor goes back to Avengers Mansion, he finds it encased in a force field. Similarly, all of the superheroes around the country, as well as the Baxter Building, are encased in smaller force fields. Thor is summoned to the Pentagon where he and the Army are on alert to repel Loki's forces. General Adams tells Thor that there are over 200 cubes across the country. Suddenly Loki's army comes pouring out on the Arlington Bridge. The two armies clash, but is evident that Loki's magic gives him an advantage. Thor and the US Army fall back in retreat. The Vizier arrives on Earth to tell Thor of the missing Odin. The All-Father will be unable to assist Thor in this war on Midgard. Somewhere in California, the All-Father Odin has taken a spell of forgetfulness to learn humility and is living on a peaceful country farmhouse. To be Continued...


  • Cover art: Severin contributed to the art.[1]
  • In this issue, Loki notes that he created the "Neanderthal" menace from Thor Vol 1 231.
  • This issue contains a letters page, The Hammer Strikes. Letters are published from Russell E. Burke, Glen Banks, Jim Winters, Scott Feuless, and Lee Cobb


  • One of the superheroes captured by Loki appears to be Quicksilver.

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