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Quote1.png I dare thee, Loki -- I dare the this once, to meet me in Combat Unadorned! Quote2.png

Appearing in "O, Bitter Victory!"

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Synopsis for "O, Bitter Victory!"

Thor and a group of commandos sneak into Loki's camp at night, only to be captured. When General Sawyer realizes that they've been captured, he realizes the only option left is a nuclear strike. In California, Orrin saves Judith from a drunk driver by casually swatting his car aside. At Avengers Mansion, Iron Man and Firelord team up to break the barrier. Firelord flies to lead the army and rescue Thor. Thor challenges Loki to one-on-one combat with no weapons or spells, to which Thor wins.


  • Loki's enhanced powers are revealed in this issue to have been from the enhancements from Dormammu and the Evil Eye.
  • This issue is broken down into three Chapters:
    • Chapter One: The Assault
    • Chapter Two: Decision at Dawn
    • Chapter Three: Sixty Seconds to Die!
  • No letters page is publised this month.


  • Although Loki was seen with his Firesword last issue and he appears on the cover with a similar cover, the item does not appear in this story.

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