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Synopsis for "When the Gods Make War!"

Thor returns to Asgard for clues to Odin's disappearance. When he gets there, he finds Heimdall unable to lift the Gjallerhorn, and his extreme senses are gone. Thor enters Asgard and finds all Asgardians afflicted with the same melancholy. He manages to snap the Warriors Three out of it. They consult Mimir to find Odin, and he reveals the pyramid in California. Mimir tells the Asgardians about the gods of Egypt. Jane flies out to California and arrives at the same time as Thor. Horus comes out to keep Thor from interrupting a ceremony inside. As they battle, Isis and Osiris arrive from inside with Odin, only Odin is now Atum-Re, and he will destroy the enemy of his children - Thor.

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