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Synopsis for "The Fury of Firelord"

The Asgardians are in Jane's apartment, when news comes on of Firelord leading a rebellion in Costa Verde. In Asgard, Igron is now Odin's advisor, and Balder believes Odin to now be insane. Back on Earth, Thor and Jane fight the rebels and Firelord, until Thor falls under the Gypsy's spell like Firelord.


  • Costa Verdeans speak in English mixed with some words in Spanish. Their Spanish does have some ortographic mistakes: Luis says "Mi compañeros" when he should say "Mis compañeros" (meaning "my partners"). The repeated expression "Madre de mi" is unheard of, only similar to "Madre mia" ("My mother", equivalent in meaning to "Oh my gosh").
  • Contains Doctor Strange Marvel Value Stamp on letters page (Series B, #73)

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