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Thor Odinson
By Heimdall's eyes! 'Tis Fandral the Dashing, Hogun the Grim, and the voluminous Volstagg! Sooth, their talent for plunging headlong into disaster never ceases to amaze me! How did they manage to entangle themselves in such a sorry situation this time?
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Jane Foster
They're your friends, darling——you tell me. You're not going to leave them in that mess, are you?
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Thor Odinson
Milady, thou knowest not how sorely I am tempted!
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Appearing in "There Shall Come... Revolution!"

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Synopsis for "There Shall Come... Revolution!"

Thor and Jane arrive home, only to find a sudden storm has sprung up. Thor tries to dispel it, but is struck by lightning instead. After forcing with all his might, it finally disperses. Back inside, Jane tells Thor that the Warriors Three have caused a traffic jam. Thor goes and "rescues" them, and when they return, they find Jane with Balder in tatters. He tells Thor of the madness that has gripped Odin. They travel to Asgard, only to be stopped by Heimdall and beset by the warriors of Asgard. They defeat the warriors and meet up with the rebellion in Asgard. They then go to free Vizier from the Tower of Solitude. But Odin has placed a storm giant to guard the tower, and Odin swears that Thor must die.

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