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Synopsis for "If the Stars Be Made of Stone!"

The Grey Gargoyle's pirate ship has come across the Asgardians. The Asgardians begin to quickly go through the pirates, until the Grey Gargoyle enters the fray. He quickly turns everyone but Thor to stone, and before Thor can move, the Grey Gargoyle grabs the petrified Sif, and threatens to smash her unless Thor surrenders. Back in Asgard, the council of war is planning their moves when Karnilla calls Balder to the gate. Just then, the Enchantress and the Executioner break down the door. Back in space, the Asgardians wake from the Grey Gargoyle's spell to find themselves in slave collars. They are sent to the furnace room, to stoke the flames of the ship. The Asgardians toil at their labors since the slave collars allow little else. Once back in their pens, the Recorder reveals that he has discovered that he knows how to remove their collars after spending several hours scanning them. He gets them off and just then the Grey Gargoyle comes in.

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