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Synopsis for "The Vicious and the Valiant"

On the Phoenix of Freedom, the Recorder attempts to download any information about the Doomsday Star. Back in Asgard, Balder disguises himself to sneak out and try to determine the strength of the enemy army. He sneaks into their encampment and discovers that the suits of armor are empty, brought to life by the Enchantress. As Thor gets ready to leave the Phoenix, he discovers that the Warriors Three have mounted one of the ship's great cannons aboard the Starjammer. Back in Asgard, Balder is discovered by the Enchantress and Executioner. Balder fights the Executioner, but Enchantress secretly lends him sorcerous aid. Now having a map, Thor and the Asgardians come across a vast group of floating statues, one of which raises its hand and strikes. Back in Asgard, Karnilla comes to Balder's rescue. She and the Enchantress engage in a battle of sorcery, while Balder fights the Executioner. After defeating them, Balder and Karnilla are confronted by an angry Thor. Back in space, the Asgardians bring their new weaponry to bear and defeat the giant. They then discover that they have reached their destination - the Doomsday Star.

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