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Synopsis for "Even an Immortal Can Die!"

Thor tries to free himself from his bonds, but cannot. The Soul Survivors tell him the origin of themselves and of the Doomsday Star. That they are the ones that intercepted Odin. They then take Thor's group to see him. They are using Odin as a battery and they have almost drained him dry. Back in Asgard, the second Thor leads Balder and Karnilla into Asgard, then assaults them. Thor is speaking to a very weak Odin, when Odin apparently dies. In his rage, Thor begins to tear through all the Techno-trackers with ease, as Hogun, Volstagg, and Recorder arrive. With nothing else to do, K'rll places himself in the Spirit Mold and gives form to the remaining Odinpower still in the batteries, creating a beast made of pure Odinforce.

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