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Synopsis for "Holocaust and Homecoming"

K'rll begins attacking the Asgardians through the Odin beast. He knocks them all down, and all that's left is Volstagg. When the Odin beast moves towards him, a blast of pure force shoots from his hands, hurting the beast. Fighting Volstagg's new power, the beast uses itself up and dissipates, which causes feedback through the Soul Survivors systems, destroying them. Thor then has Volstagg apply his powers to try and revive Odin, to no avail. Then K'rll runs in screaming about how the Asgardians have destroyed everything and he will kill them all. Thor grabs him and is about to begin pounding on him, when Mjolnir suddenly flies into his hand. He then realizes that Odin is alive. Odin tells them that it is time to go home, then passes into the Odinsleep. They board the Starjammer and head home. Hogun asks Thor about Volstagg's new power, and Thor tells him that Odin must have passed the last of his power to Volstagg before he died, knowing that it could revive him. After finally arriving home, Thor takes Odin's sleeping form to the royal bedchamber, then one of the guards tells him that he is summoned to the throne room. There he finds the Enchantress and the Executioner, and on the throne is Loki.

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