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Quote1.png Four times before have I faced the Destroyer-- --yet never have I seen him more relentless, more filled with such killing fury! In times past, many different spirits hath breathed life into the Destroyer's soulless shell… …a nameless hunter…milady Sif…the earthly professor Clement Holmes…even the unscrupulous Loki himself… …but if mine evil half-brother doth animate the Destroyer now, surely he would voice his animosity! Nay, there be more to this than I as yet understand! But I must not allow confusion to cloud my judgment, lest the armored one become the very death of me! Whoever thou art, Destroyer, the son of Odin is still thy better! Quote2.png

Appearing in "When Falls the God of Thunder...!"

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Synopsis for "When Falls the God of Thunder...!"

An image of Loki reveals that he stole the Destroyer from Galactus' ship while the Devourer of Worlds was preoccupied with the High Evolutionary and the Fantastic Four, then he gloats in anticipation of victory. The Destroyer attacks Thor, leading to a fierce battle crashing through palace walls and floors. Loki tells a shadowy figure that the battle is going well, then the Warriors Three arrive to help Thor, who is beleaguered and disheveled. They are swatted aside, so Thor collapses a pillar on the Destroyer. Thor sends them back out to find the sleeping Odin in order to end the chaos, and they come across Kroda, Magrat and Snaykar, who they follow silently. Thor attempts a sneak attack on the Destroyer by smashing and toppling a huge statue, but his assault has little effect and he is tossed aside into a fountain and almost forcibly drowned. Karnilla and Sif arrive to help Thor, but Karnilla discovers that she cannot continue her mystical attack, because to her bewilderment and chagrin it is Balder's spirit, controlled by Loki, that is inside the Destroyer.

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