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Quote1.png 'Tis over, flesh of my flesh-- --and, as ever, thou hast made thy father proud! Quote2.png

Appearing in "...So Falls the Realm Eternal!"

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Synopsis for "...So Falls the Realm Eternal!"

Loki is rejoicing that Karnilla has ceased her attack, and Odin is hidden in the cavern containing the Mists of Morpheus, so there is no one left to stop him. But Karnilla vanishes, and appears behind Loki and begins attacking him. Elsewhere, Kroda, Magrat and Snaykar have unwittingly led the Warriors Three to Odin's hidden chamber. They easily dispatch the henchmen. Karnilla steals the body of Balder and goes to try to reunite it with his spirit, but Loki has followed her and strikes her down. The Destroyer, seeing Loki standing over Karnilla, begins to move towards him in order to seek revenge and delivers a fiery attack. Loki has no choice now but to remove Balder's spirit, and then decides to enter it himself. But Thor tackles him and they begin to tumble, and it is Thor that ends up inside the Destroyer. The Destroyer then begins to lower his visor, about to annihilate Loki, when Odin appears and commands the Destroyer to kneel. Slowly it does, and Odin releases Thor from it.

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