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Synopsis for "Once More, to Midgard!"

Balder is leading the construction of Odin's Pillar of Sovereignty, but one of the cables snaps, threatening to kill many. But Thor swiftly saves the day and finishes setting the pillar. In punishment, Loki is cast down to Earth without memory. All the heroes bid farewell, while Thor heads to Earth. Blake goes to see Jacob Wallaby, to get an idea of what he might do. Jacob suggests that he volunteer at a free clinic, if he needs freedom of movement. Then Damocles breaks in and steals a synthetic cobalt lent to the hospital by Stark International. Blake changes to Thor and gives pursuit, but Damocles launches a missile at the city, which distracts Thor long enough for him to escape.


  • First appearance of Sif's red attire
  • This issue will be reprinted in the trade Thor: Gods & Guardians.

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