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Synopsis for "Death, Thy Name Is Brother!"

Don Blake is walking through the rain, when a police officer pulls up and tells him that he needs to get in touch with Thor, that the Commissioner wants to see him. When Thor arrives, he meets Bennet Barlow, Damocles' brother. Bennet tells Thor their history. Meanwhile, Damocles oversees the final construction of his cobalt cannon. And in a prison, a mysterious figure is broken out by a monstrous inhuman creature. Bennet is leading Thor to his old home in hope of finding a clue to Damocles' current whereabouts. But Damocles is waiting with his completed cobalt cannon, and blasts Thor, then flies away. Bennet brings Thor back around, and when Thor mentions that Damocles stole synthetic cobalt for the cannon, Bennet tells Thor that it is unstable and if it explodes could take New York with it. They find Damocles and crew robbing a bank, as Damocles is about to fire on Thor, Bennet picks up a gun and shoots Damocles killing him. Thor uses Mjolnir to transport the cannon out to space, where it explodes harmlessly.


  • This issue will be reprinted in the trade Thor: Gods & Guardians.

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