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Synopsis for "A Walk on the Wild Side!"

Thor is reading the paper at a newsstand, when his fans start to mob him for autographs. Elsewhere, the monstrous figure from last issue and a mysterious figure address the former prisoner, and return to him an adamantium replica of his former costume - Stilt-Man. Stilt-Man then attacks a helicopter in mid air and after incapacitating the two pilots, steals a heavily armored box, leaving the helicopter to crash. Thor manages to save them, and they tell him about Stilt-Man. Back in Asgard, the Warriors Three return with the captured Magrat, Kroda, and Snaykar. Odin congratulates them, then tells them that he has another task for them. Thor catches up to Stilt-Man, and while they battle, their conflict is watched back at the mysterious figure's complex. Stilt-Man suddenly loses control of his armor, and Thor, using a lightning strike, brings him to a halt. But before Thor can do anything, he is struck from behind by Blastaar, and he loses his hammer.


  • This issue will be reprinted in the trade Thor: Gods & Guardians.

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