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Synopsis for "Minute of Madness -- Dark Day of Doom!"

Blastaar attacks Thor relentlessly, and blasts him into an alley, just as the 60th second passes. Blastaar enters the alley to find Don Blake, who tells him that Thor ran over the fence. After retrieving his cane from a street gang, and questioning Stilt-Man, Thor heads to see Tony Stark to get some help. Blastaar and his new master FAUST, recall their past, while Thor approaches after learning of them. Blastaar races out to fight Thor, while FAUST betrays Blastaar, by launching itself in a ship, into orbit. Blastaar flees into a portal that takes him back to the Negative Zone, leaving Thor to ponder what FAUST is up to.


  • This issue will be reprinted in the trade Thor: Gods & Guardians.

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