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Synopsis for "Somewhere -- Over the Rainbow Bridge!"

Harris Hobbs tells Thor that he's starting to remember Asgard after being caused to forget all those years ago. Thor leaves, telling Hobbs that he shall ask Odin about it. A mysterious figure Then tells Hobbs that he believes him. Hobbs tells the stranger of a second dream that he didn't get to tell Thor: a dream of Thor fishing for Jormungand. Hymir cuts the line and frees the serpent. The stranger reveals himself to be Loki, telling Hobbs he will get him into Asgard.

Thor flies to Stark International to retrieve what's left of FAUST. Carrying it out of the building, Thor sees Jormungand. Thor attacks only to have the serpent disappear. Thor goes to Asgard where Heimdall tells him that both Odin and Sif are gone. Hobbs and crew fall out of the device that Thor brought with him as Loki reveals himself, announcing the coming Ragnarok...


  • This story is reprinted in the trade paperback Thor: Ragnarok.

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