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Quote1.png There shall be naught to keep Hela's obscene hordes from the shining towers of Asgard itself! THen, without Odin beside him-- and wielding merely a sword instead of his mystic mallet, the true god of thunder shall lead the sons of the realm forward to what he knows shall be their final glory--Because of you, mortal! Because of you! Quote2.png
Lady Sif

Appearing in "Time of the Trolls!"

Featured Characters:

  • Thor (Main story and flashback)

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

Races and Species:




Synopsis for "Time of the Trolls!"

Loki reveals what he has done, and gladly recounts of how it all came to be. Loki tries to escape, but got caught and taken to his Place of Judgment. Sigyn begs Frigga to intercede, and Odin allows her to go to Loki. Elsewhere, the Forces of Darkness, under the command of Hela, push on towards Asgard. In Alfheim, Sif tells Red that she knows how Red gained the power of Thor.


  • This story is reprinted in the trade paperback Thor: Ragnarok.

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