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Quote1.png So, I figured I might as well play hero, to make up for all the harm I've caused. I can't bring Joey back to life-- But maybe I can do my part to save Asgard, anyway! Quote2.png
Thor (Red Norvell)

Appearing in "At Long Last -- Ragnarok?!"

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Synopsis for "At Long Last -- Ragnarok?!"

Hela and the Forces of Darkness stand outside the gates of Asgard. In Alfheim, Sif confronts Red Norvell with the knowledge that he cannot force her love. In Asgard, the Forces of Darkness attack, and Loki is at the forefront. But Thor has only a sword instead of Mjolnir. Then the bridge that Thor and Loki are fighting on collapses, heralding the arrival of Jormungand! Jormungand's tail lashes out, knocking Thor out. The Warriors Three try to help, to no avail. Just then, Red arrives with Sif. She finally convinced him to do the right thing. But even though he has Mjolnir, he doesn't have the skill for it, so he returns the hammer to Thor. Jormungand then dives back underground, taking Red with him. But before Thor can follow, they somehow are transported some distance away from Asgard, as are the Forces of Darkness. Just then, Jormungand returns without Red. Thor begins to hammer the serpent relentlessly, finally driving it away for good. Hela, realizing that the prophecies are wrong, calls all the forces away. Thor carries Red back to Asgard, where Odin explains his plan to fool the prophecies, with the death of Red in place of Thor. Thor then tries to leave for Earth, but Odin tells him that if he leaves Asgard, he can never come back, but he leaves anyway.


  • This story is reprinted in the trade paperback Thor: Ragnarok.

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