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Synopsis for "Crisis on Twin Earths!"

Thor is walking along an avenue, unaware that he is being followed. When suddenly, a doorway opens in the air, and through it steps Hyperion. This Hyperion wants to ask the Avengers to be in a movie that his world is making about his life. Thor agrees to take him to Avengers Mansion, and while they are not looking, the mysterious figure that had been following Thor flies through Hyperion's doorway, where he reveals himself as the alternate Hyperion. After a few minutes though, Thor and the "good" Hyperion arrive, after not finding anyone at the Mansion, Hyperion offered Thor a tour of his world, which was accepted. Hyperion leaves Thor for a minute to check on his ship, he is ambushed and captured by the "evil" Hyperion. The evil Hyperion then goes back down and pretends to be Mark Milton. Just then Emil Burbank, Hyperion's arch-enemy, attacks. The evil Hyperion flies off with Emil, where the truth is revealed. Back on the film set, the good Hyperion has returned with the entire Squadron Supreme. When it's revealed what happened, Emil and the evil Hyperion are defeated by Thor and the Squadron Supreme.


  • Plot by Don and Maggie Thompson, script by Roy Thomas.
  • Reprinted in the "Squadron Supreme: Death of a Universe" collection.
  • Penciller Wayne Boring, of course, was the artist most closely associated with Superman during the 1950s and drew a large number of comics for DC. Hyperion is a Marvel analogue of the Superman character, and the title of this issue, "Crisis on Twin Earths!" is an obvious reference to DC's many Crisis events.

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