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Synopsis for "This Hammer Lost!"

Thor dwells upon what he has learned about the Eternals and the Celestials[1]. He decides that he will travel back in time to when the Celestials first appeared on Earth. But once in the time stream, Mjolnir vanishes from his grasp and Thor is left in a land of fog and shadows. He is then confronted by the Space Phantom, who tells him he is in Limbo. He tells Thor of his planet, Phantus, and that his hammer is probably at it's core. Thor agrees to help him save his planet, if he will help find Mjolnir. Once on the surface, they are repeatedly attacked by the warring Phantoms. The Phantom leads Thor to a complex containing a shaft that leads to the core. Thor leaps in, but it was a trap. The Phantom planned on using Thor's immortal body like a cork to keep Phantus from slipping completely into Limbo. What he didn't know is that for half of Thor, 60 seconds have past, so one half of his body is Thor, the other half is Don Blake.


  • Plot assist by Gillis and Catron.


  • In the original published version of this issue, pages 16 and 17 were accidentally switched and printed out of order.

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