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Synopsis for "Rites of Passage"

The Space Phantom realizes that his plan is not working and checks on Thor. He discovers that he is losing his godly attributes and transports him out. Thor returns to normal and confronts the Phantom. He tells Thor that he does not know where Mjolnir is but he thinks he can find it. He leads Thor to the castle of Immortus, where they are confronted by Tempus. Thor and Tempus battle back and forth, until finally, using Tempus' own club, he is defeated by Thor. Thor and the Phantom enter the castle and find Immortus holding Mjolnir. He tosses it to Thor casually telling him that he wanted to investigate its temporal properties. In return for the knowledge, he tells Thor the truth about himself. With Immortus' help, Thor saves Phantus, but had to sacrifice every iota of temporal energy in his hammer. Thor does so, but he will never again be able to travel through time. Immortus then transports Thor back to his own time.


Mjolnir is no longer capable of time travel. As later revealed in Avengers Forever Vol 1 8, the entire scenario with the "dying planet of Phantus" was concocted as Immortus's plan to trick Thor into depriving the Avengers of their main means of time travel.

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