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Quote1.png So I made myself look like a Figurine, and my Captive like a Plaster-of-Paris Cat. You should have noticed it didn't match the Decor. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Deviants and Doormen!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Deviants (Main story and flashback)
    • Kro (Main story and flashback)

Other Characters:




  • Thena's hovercraft (Only in flashback)

Synopsis for "Deviants and Doormen!"

Thor pulls the plane through the air and lands it at JFK Airport. He leaves and heads for the address given him by Damian, to the apartment of Sersi. He changes to Blake and begins to look around, when he is confronted by Karkas. They begin to fight until Karkas realizes that Thor is not a Deviant. Karkas then reveals that Margo and Ikaris were captured by a ship carrying him, Thena, and Reject. They have discovered the location of the new City of the Deviants. They head there to parley with the Deviants, but are attacked almost immediately. Kro threatens Margo with a bomb, forcing them to surrender. Karkas managed to escape back to Sersi's apartment just before Thor arrived. A small statue then transforms into Sersi who changes a statue of a cat into a captured Deviant. They force him to tell them about a hidden entrance into the Deviant City.


  • This issue features an unusual type of flashback, one in which Karkas uses Sersi's mirror (actually an advanced communications device) to display his memories of recent events for Thor to see. Within that flashback, Dromedan and Makkari appear only in a one-panel flashback to an earlier adventure.
  • This flashback also retroactively established that the previously-unnamed American city where the Eternals fought the Cosmic Hulk Robot and Dromedan in Eternals #14-17 was New York City.
  • Mr. Johnson, who had claimed to be a SHIELD agent in the previous issue, now refers to himself as being "a C.I.A. man" instead. Thor also expresses his doubt that "Mr. Johnson" is his true name.

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