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Quote1.png From Creation's Dawn to Ragnarok's last Gleaming, Karkas, evil hath e'er mistaken forbearance for weakness... peaceful intent for Cowardice. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Mayhem Under Manhattan!"

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Synopsis for "Mayhem Under Manhattan!"

Thor, Sersi, and Karkas are sneaking into the Deviant City, but are detected and attacked. Sersi flees and Karkas is assaulted by some Deviant device that knocks him out. Kro then reveals himself and demands Thor surrender his hammer or he will kill Karkas, and Thor has no choice. In Asgard, Mimir is showing Odin Thor's defeat, and Sif and the Warriors Three want to fly to his aid. Odin tells them no and sends them on missions for Asgard. Back on Earth, Brother Tode is about to put all the prisoners in the Atom Displacer, and is talking to Thor, when "he" suddenly changes into Sersi, and reveals that Thor's hammer is really a cane. Then Blake comes from behind a curtain, knocks Kro over, and is transformed into Thor when the cane hits the ground. Thor and Sersi free Karkas and the rest and they begin to attack the Deviants. Warlord Kro then frees Metabo, who begins to take down the Eternals. Thor then bests him easily since he was designed to fight Eternals. Brother Tode and Dragona make their escape, leaving Kro behind while detonating their city. Thor and the group make their way out, and decide to head to Olympia to try and get help from the Eternals against the Celestials.

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