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Appearing in "Assault on Olympia!"

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Synopsis for "Assault on Olympia!"

Thor has taken Margo home and then meets up with the rest of the group. As thier ship arrives above Olympia, a strange golden disk slashes through one of their engines, sending the ship crashing into a mountain. The group escapes just in time and lands. They then see that they were not attacked, but it was a discus errantly thrown during their own Olympics. Zuras welcomes the group and the games resume. In Asgard, Sif is searching for something when she is attacked by a Storm Giant. Elsewhere, the Warriors Three are searching for something as well when they are attacked by Fafnir the dragon. Back in Olympia, the games are continuing, when they are interrupted by the arrival of the Forgotten One, now called Hero. He is now the emissary of the Celestials and warns the Eternals not to interfere in their 50 year judgment of Earth. He then topples all of the Eternals and begins to cause Olympia itself damage. Thor then faces off against Hero and they begin to go at it. Then, high above in space, the One Above All transports Thor and Hero to his ship.


  • Special thanks go to Mark Gruenwald and Ralph Macchio for "suggestions and concepts utilized in this and near future issues."
  • In the letters column for this issue, a letter written by Kurt Busiek is printed.

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