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Quote1.png All-Father Odin would ne'er have bowed in abject Obedience to thy fellow Celestials as thine Image doth Portray! This be Trickery most Foul! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Look Homeward, Asgardian!"

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Synopsis for "Look Homeward, Asgardian!"

Thor, after seeing his father kneeling before the Celestials, angrily hurls himself at the One Above All. But instead of striking him, he is instantly transported back to Olympia. Hero is transported right behind him and is transformed back to human form - that of the Forgotten One. Zuras is determined to punish the former Eternal, but Thor stands with him. Makkari reveals that it was Sprite that caused all the trouble and Zuras' punishment is that he and Sprite care for each other with the Forgotten One being blind. Zuras tells Thor that he has 24 hours to find another solution to the Celestials, and then the Uni-Mind will attack. Elsewhere, Odin is riding Sleipnir to the gates of Olympus, where he is first met by Argus and some Yellow-Crested Titans, and then by Ares, Athena, Hercules, and Zeus himself. Odin wants an alliance with Olympus to destroy anyone that stands against the Celestials. Back in Asgard, Karnilla weeps over the body of Balder, then speaks to Frigga about her not being Thor's real mother. Thor arrives on Bifrost, and is stopped by Heimdall and the warriors of Asgard. Then a portal opens in the air and Sif steps through carrying her prize - the Destroyer. Sif agrees that Thor should not enter Asgard, and Thor begins to fight his way in. As Thor batters back the warriors, he is attacked by the Sif-powered Destroyer. The Destroyer batters Thor, then tosses him from Bifrost back down to Earth.


  • Shooter is consulting editor, Gruenwald is assistant editor.

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