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Quote1.png But, of all Deviants, El Toro Rojo alone has the to stop it - to send it hurtling away, by butting it with my invulnerable Head. Quote2.png
Toro Rojo

Appearing in "Ring Around the Red Bull!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • El Vampiro (First appearance)
  • Maria (Vampiro's wife)


Other Characters:

Races and Species:



Synopsis for "Ring Around the Red Bull!"

Thor is crashing down towards Earth and finally comes to in time to save himself. He then sees a strange garbed figure trying to fly - poorly. Thor saves the man, who introduces himself as El Vampiro. El Vampiro tells Thor about his meting with El Toro Rojo, and how he was beaten badly. Just then, El Toro Rojo comes crashing in, intent on killing El Vampiro. Thor knocks him outside, but before Mjolnir can return to his hand, El Toro Rojo sends it careening away by butting it with his head. He and Thor fight hand-to-hand, until Thor allows himself to be hurled towards his hammer, but it is too late. Thor transforms into Blake, and El Toro Rojo crashes into him, sending Blake careening towards a wall. Before he hits though, he is saved by El Vampiro. Believing him finished, El Toro Rojo takes Blake's cane and leaves. He has a match, but will return afterwards to finish off El Vampiro. Blake heads to the arena to get his cane back. He ties a scarf around his face and climbs into the ring. He grabs the cane and manages to get slammed to the mat, triggering the change. They wrestle back and forth, unto El Toro Rojo attempts to gore Thor. Instead, he gets his horns shaved off by Thor's whirling hammer. His power halved, Thor knocks El Toro Rojo through the roof and out of the arena. Thor then leaves and heads for Olympia.


  • Shooter is consulting editor.

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