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Quote1.png Must I slay mine own, mine only Son - to decide the Destiny of accursed Midgard? 'Twould be slaying a Part of myself, to drive home this Magic Spear - and end a Life otherwise beyond ending. And yet - and yet, I must! Odin hath sworn an Oath - taken a Vow more holy e'en than the Bond 'twixt Father and Son! And, for the Sake of that Oath - Thor must die! Quote2.png

Appearing in "When Gods Have Joined Together!"

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Synopsis for "When Gods Have Joined Together!"

Thor returns to Olympia and tells Zuras that he has no other plan. Zuras then begins the ritual, and joins all the Eternals in the Uni-Mind. The Uni-Mind then heads into space to confront the One Above All. Thor, still in Olympia, is confronted by Odin, Zeus, and an army of Olympians. They are there to destroy Olympia, even over the dead body of Thor. Odin changes Thor back to Blake, while the others attack the tower of the Uni-Mind, forcing it back to Earth. It then breaks apart into the Eternals. They then begin to attack the invaders in an attempt to drive them from Olympia. Back in Asgard, Sif watches as the Warriors Three are saved from Fafnir by the Young Gods. Back in Olympia, Thor strikes out at Odin, as the namesakes on each side engage in battle. Odin strikes down Thor, and is poised to end his life.

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